Michelle and Meredith are two people I would like to hear from. Meredith was Goth before Goth was in. She was also the lead singer for the Plastic Toys but I believe there was some sort of sexist glass ceiling in the bands management that kept her down. Last time I saw Meredith, she was in DC living with a Rastafarian. I've never seen joints the size of cigars before but apparently, it is possible. Last time I heard, Michelle had moved to New York City. Her adopted uncle (friend of the family) was Newman of Seinfeld fame. So hopefully she is doing well. Speaking of surprises, I can't remember if I related this story yet, but I dated a girl named Danielle who I believe Mark also had an interest in. I had received a nice little Tax rebate and decided to surprise her by blindfolding her and driving her to Kings Dominion in Virginia. When we got there, she unleashed unholy hell on me. She was pissed. She thought the surprise was me driving her to Pensacola, Florida to see Mark! I think every girl I ever dated had a place in her heart for Mark.


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