The Beav.
That guy was always pissed at me and Roman. I never understood his anger at Roman, something to do with the leadership position Roman had on the group. For me, he was mad that I plagiarized a Ronald Reagan skit for the school talent show and for taunting him and saying that I was going to steal his idea that the orange cones on the road were really an invading alien species. I thought it would make a great coffee table book. He also seemed to have a crush on every girl I dated. Such an angry young man... Mark: What was the other skit we did for that talent show? I remember costumes... "Such a beautiful day in the world today, such a beautiful day in the USA. And it's mine, yes it is all mine. I am Mr. Reagan." That plagiarized skit won the heart of Molly. Anyone remember her? BTW, I'm very proud and impressed to see the creative energy and hard work coming from this group.



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