...Ice Cream Ninjas, and the Natty Boh Hotel.

Holy crap, Google can bring you some cool places. I didn't expect to find documentation of our very mis-spent youth.

Anyway, just thought I'd resurface long enough to say hey to you guys.

I also need to clarify a few things...

1) I'm not exactly sure how the word 'Guk' got so closely associated with me, since either Chris or Brad were the ones who actually made it up and used it about as much and long before I ever did. It was originally said with a kind of a gurgly sound but then one day, we got lazy and just said it straight.

Also, the word is horribly mis-used across this site. Allow me to define:

The word guk was used by my "other crew" of Brad, Chris, Brian and Steve (he was a crossover too between the two groups too) as a response whenever we were bummed or insulted by each other (which happened to be how we spent most of the day). It is generally intended to mean "I am such a loser that all I can think to say right now is this stupid nonsensical word." Also, you have to say it with a certain defeated melancholy tone.

2) Don't forget where the Ice Cream Ninjas got their keys to the school from. I was so resourceful back then.

3) Why the hell does Mark have a button that says 'Ask Me About Vic'? More importantly, what does he say when someone does ask him? It's like there's this entire mythology about me that I didn't actually live.

4) I remember the Natty-Boh Hotel very well. Crashing through the walls like the Hulk was a definite highlight.



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