WARNING: The story you are about to read is true (sorta). It has nothing to do with the Otters, but it's pretty funny.

The tale begins with three average highschool students, one of them being Steve Fedasz, the other two unknown. They all share the same science class. They all feel fairly confident that they have failed the midterm test. But for them hope is not lost. They have been practicing their ninja skills in their bedrooms at night. The scars left upon the drywall by throwing stars prove their improvement. And they have all purchaced the resquisite Ninja outfit from the back of a martial arts magazine. Together they formulate a brilliant plan. That night they would break into the school and steal the midterm tests!!

At midnight they meet. Two ninjas clad in black hide in the shadows as they inch their way to the school. The other, Steve, is dressed in white. Let me say that again. "White." It is pitch black outside and Steve is dressed in a brilliant white ninja outfit. This is where I make the observation "It may as well have been neon Rainbow colored", hence the name "Rainbow Ninja".

The story continues. The three climb to the roof whereupon they successfully open a window and enter the building. They also successfully set off dozens of silent alarms. The break in appearently left them famished for instead of simply finding the tests and leaving, they first headed down to the cafiteria for some food. They were able to grab a hand full of icecream sandwiches before becoming aware of the arival of the police. Quickly they headed back up to the roof where they attempted and blend into the shadows. A spotlight hits the building and illuminates the three with their backs pressed against a wall trying to remain unseen, cradling an armfull of icecream sandwiches while being led by a guy in a white ninja outfit.


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