It was early evening in St. Mary's County, way back in the mid-eighties sometime. Roman and I had just come in from playing some basketball in my driveway. We went down into the basement where it was dark and cool and sat on my floor. I was too tired to bother to turn the lights on so we sat in the dark and talked about... oh I don't know... spontaneous combustion. Soon, after fumbling around in the dark, Roman discovers a long stick or broom handle lying on my floor. He starts a new topic.

"I wonder," he begins ponderously, "if I can hit you in the eye with this stick?"

He did.

A random stab in the dark and the bastard manages a bulls-eye right into my retina! I scream and Roman responds with laughter interspersed with half-hearted apologies.

Finally, I stopped cursing and Roman stopped giggling and instead we both settled into silence. Nothing was said for several minutes until Roman's voice broke the quiet.

"I wonder if I can do it again?"

... Bastard!


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