I was always a little confused about why steve fedasz became the main butt of the famous otter (sometimes) clever put-downs and (allegedly) good-natured ribbing. This is an attempt to explain this phenomenon, which has bugged me for years. This is gonna be long, so get out your Ritalin and reading glasses.

To give a little history about the role of quip-whipping boy, I need to explain about 2 things: T.R. and Jobbing.

T.R. Murphy (alias-the goon) was somewhat tight with the crew when I first met em. He admired Roman and Mark a lot and from what I understand, sort of glommed-on to them, and adopted their ways. When I met them, it was rarely disputed that he was a full-fledged Otter. Nobody ever actually admitted to liking him, but there he was, all the time. Whenever anyone needed a punch line to a smart remark, T.R. was there to be that punch line. He was the official Butt of the organization's jokes. Why would someone stick around under these conditions? To answer that, as well as most questions about human behavior, we naturally have to look at Professional Wrestling.

In wrestling, the crowd is impressed by the winner of the match. They cheer as he mercilessly beats down his hapless opponent. But wrestling is fake, so that opponent has to agree to make the other guy look tough. All he would have to do is sit up when the referee counts to 3, and his opponent would look like an idiot. . In wrestling, they call this act of courtesy 'doing the job'. Some wrestlers make careers out of going out there and pretending to be destroyed by other guys. They call those wrestlers 'career jobbers'. Why would somebody want to go out and lose? Because they know the crowd will be delighted by the whole thing, and that is reward enough.

So, T.R. was the Otter's 'Jobber'. He understood that the jokes were for the benefit of an audience, and cooperated with that in mind. He would try to 'win' a match sometimes (usually versus mark), but understood that all-in-all, he was the official Butt, and he accepted that role because it allowed him to participate in the entertainment.

Well, T.R. left town, and eventually we started hanging out with Fedasz, thanks to Matt Boswell's extremely silly and historic 'Nightclub Down Under'. Steve ended up being a perfect foil for many of our barbs (especially mark's). He had certain attributes that made him good for this role. These were:
- his rainbow ninja history gave him good experience with taking abuse
- he saw the entertainment value and was usually willing to do the job
- he was better looking than the lot of us and could get girl thingy as easily as I could get hot dogs from 7-11.

Mostly, it was the last reason. We were afraid his ego might become unmanageable someday, so we did what we could. I remember he was hoping to have the nickname "the Hair God", but Mark smartly gave him the more constructive title "Little Stevie Boy".

The folks that actually roomed with him in Philly might have more reasons to put him in the jobber position, and I don't know if there is any real animosity there, that's between them. I just wanted to set the record straight a bit about the constant abuse that we see on the boards here, and give a little history about it.

Also, lemme just say Steve, you're my buddy and i miss ya...(dammit how did that get in here!)


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