It's 3 am. Im bored. I want a fistful of worthless junk... and a park bench. There was a time and a place where all of this wouldn't have been a problem. A little more than a decade ago in the tragically boring town of Lexington Park (Funny how a town so bereft of recreational activity played host to so many misadventures) Roman, Mark Weihl and I spotted something odd on our evening drive home. We passed the local strip mall (7 or 8 stores that made up the entire Downtown shopping experience) and noticed that the Peoples Drug store still had merchandise out to sell. You may have noticed that retail stores often put a table of clearance items outside the front door to attract customers and clear out their overstock, but the time was roughly 11:30 at night and the store had been closed for some time. Roman pulled is car into the parking lot and we strolled up to the table to browse. The next thing I knew we had all grabbed some random item and dashed back into Romans car quickly fleeing the scene of the crime!

The next evening I got a call from Roman around 10 PM. "We're going shopping," he said and hung up. Sometime close to midnight he, along with ...umm...I forget who else was there...LG? Data maybe? Anyway we all went back to the shopping center to find the clearance tables still outside and unguarded. This time Roman was prepared. He brought bags. He stocked up on about 5 years worth of hair gel and other vanity products that I was not familiar with. I picked out a loose knit red, white & blue scarf which I quickly dubbed my "Party Scarf." After our shopping spree ended, we again sped away with tires squealing.

A few nights later Data and I had been out and decided to stop at our favorite Otter late night store for some freebies, however when we arrived we found the tables were gone. (Either Peoples Drug had gotten wise to our midnight looting or Roman had simply wiped the place clean.) In their place was a wooden park bench with wrought iron sides. No more hair gel. No more Party Scarves. No more tables full of useless trinkets. Just a bench for weary shoppers to relax and breathe some fresh air before continuing with their day. So we stole that instead.


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