The Otters were a festive bunch, full of joy and cheer,
We took every chance to celebrate and suck back lots of beer.

We sang of lumberjacks, and DNA, and eating bowls of bugs,
We recited Monty Python while sipping from our mugs.

Singing songs of Christmas seemed an amusing thing to do,
So we finished off our drinks and out the door we flew.

Roman, LG, Steve and Me (if I remember right),
got Adam, AAl and Squeaky, and set off into the night.

(I'm pretty sure the list above is quite wrong because,
my memory was much impaired, I did have quite a buzz.)

We went CFJ's house singing Jingle Bells for fun,
Until we heard her father was getting out his gun!

We went into some bar where Dave the Bassist works,
We sang "O' Christmas Tree" and were promptly labeled jerks.

Everywhere we went to try to spread the Christmas spirit,
People took offense to us, they didn't want to hear it!

Our singing didn't bring the Christmas spirit to the day,
Perhaps because we were so drunk, and it was the month of May.


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