You guys have no idea how EXCITED and FLATTERED I was to have been invited to participate in the madcap and mayhem that was filming an Otter Production! My parents were less than thrilled by Squeaky's hasty exit through the screen door, but other than that I'd have to say the filming went well, wouldn't you? I'm pretty sure that my role in "Aerosol Nights" sealed my fate as an actress, as in..."Jesus, she SUCKS and has NO future in Hollywood!" (Hollywood MARYLAND, maybe...)

Anyway, my most memorable scene has to be the kiss with Jason at the very end...sweetie, I don't know WHY I was so weird about that...I should have just let you lay it on me like a real actress and friend. You know, I secretly had crushes on pretty much ALL of you at one point or another and regret the lack of sucking face that was my teenage career! I have a million more stories to share...A million thanks, Data, for leading me here!

Hugs from the Hot White Chick!



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