First let me clarify that despite this event's given title, there was nothing Gay about it. That said, let me tell you what happened that evening.

Data and I were driving around in his car listening to movie theme music as we often did. It has been well established that there was little to do in St.Mary's, so driving around aimlessly was a normal activity. I glanced back into his back seat and noticed a pile of text and English books. "Whatcha reading?" I asked in an entirely heterosexual way. "Edgar Allen Poe" he answered "For English class." For a while we discussed the dark prose of the deceased poet before moving onto another masculine topic, fishing.

Data went on to tell me that he had found a nice fishing spot on the Navy Base and for a lack of things to do, we decided to go there. When we got there, without any fishing gear, we quickly grew bored, so we broke out the Poe and began reading aloud, using the car's headlights to read the text.

Unfortunately, that detail is what wore down the car's battery and we had to be picked up by some Navy police. We went back later to retrieve the car.

So there it is! See, nothing Gay about it, just two guys alone, sitting by the water, listening to showtunes, and reading poetry to each other.

......Ah, crap.


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