So in all the 100 something entries here, no one's really shared much about the infamous night-club-down-under! It didn't play a big part in the lives of most of the "original" Otters, but since it's the venue where I came to know and love most of you, let's talk about it...

Let's talk about B-52's night, and scrawling obscenities and silliness on the walls with crayon. How about poor patient Rich Boswell back in the storage room / DJ booth playing the same songs every week?...Master & Servant, Just Like Heaven, Cult of Personality and that slow sad 10,000 Maniacs song (Verdi Cries?)? How about LG the bartender, Data the doorman, Matt the all-business-no-fun host, and Amy the pixie-sticked-out-of-her-mind goofball HWC? How about Jason Kaiser and Squeaky & Mizell and Carolyn & Susan Sullivan and the handful of others who dropped by every Saturday? I distinctly remember trying not to laugh right in his face when Matt called me and Data (LG, too?) into his office (a little fricking broom closet!) to lecture us about bringing alcohol the previous weekend when Matt was out of town.

It was definitely the center of my universe, sad to say...I really can't think of my "Otter" days without a visual of all of us in that pizza parlor basement. (Well, except for the time you guys took me to some beach and tried to get me to pull down my pants and do the fabled "Antler Dance" - what was I THINKING?)



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