It was {insert standard description of St. Mary's county and declaration of perpetual boredom here}. Being a mid-summer afternoon, Steve, LG and I had successfully escaped our homes and were now desperately searching for something to do. That something, we eventually decided, was to spend our entire collection of quarters playing Street Fighter 2. We trekked to the nearest 7-11, the most accessable source for digital entertainment and began feeding our change into the machine. Behind the counter, a hobbit sized man with short blond hair and perscription eyeglasses donated from the 70's leered at us suspiciously. In the meantime LG's persistant hunger led him to the counter in search of food. While the sweaty hot-dogs looked appealing to him, a quick inventory of his pockets failed to produce the required 99 cents, even after snatching the 3 pennies from the "Give a penny, Take a penny" tray. A storewide seach for discarded change followed.

Steve and I had almost exhausted our quarters so I approached the counder and asked for change.

"No." huffed the stout man who proudly wore a name tag reading "Paul", "You have to buy something".

I walked back to Steve to relay the information and learned that LG had now completed his treasue hunt for the .99 cents. "I'll get change for you, Im buying some food." he offered. LG made his way back t the counter with Small Paul's beedy eyes peering at him the whole time. "I'd like a hot dog, please."

"That's it! GET OUT!!"

LG gaped for a moment, then blinked his disbelief. "...For tying to buy a hotdog? Im trying to give you money!"

"GET OUT!!" Being an Otter, LG treated the 7-11 employee with the proper respect, he ignored him. With the utmost indifference, LG walked back over to videogame section. Suddenly disgruntled dwarf flipped out and stormed out from behing his counter of sanctuary.

"I said get out! Ge out of my store!!" He screamed. Small Paul then began actually tugging us, tryibg to physically throw us out. Steve, who stood at least 2 feet taller than the cranky midget, turned and menacingly towered over Paul. Paul continued comicly trying to push Steve who remained unmovable. Finally, I finished my last game of Street Fighter and being out of quarters, there was no real reason to stick around. It's a shame though, I really would have liked to see Steve kick Small Paul back to the North Pole!


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