I had so many of those damn parties that I'm a little fuzzy on the details (ok, I was drunk at one or two of them, too, which might also contribute to the fuzziness.) I do remember someone smuggling into my dank and badly decorated basement a 6-pack of Corona, a bottle of Riunite wine, and some other assorted open containers, which I assume in my hazy memory were smuggled out of parents' liquor stashes for the occasion!

I also remember Erin Wiley bringing a video camera, and, most unfortunately, I remember sitting in my living room the next day with everyone, watching the night's events unfold on the family TV, and my mom walking thru the living room just in time to see Nicole Washington waving around the bottle of wine and someone in the background standing in the sliding glass doorway smoking a cigar! Oy, the things I put my parents through! And then, the next day, there was more filming going on, I do believe? Mark running through my forested back yard with bunny ears or something on his head as the "Elusive Filipino of Borneo" ? What the hell was THAT all about?!?!



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