I googled you all at work today... I am a counselor at Spring Ridge... can you believe it? I have thought of you all a million times over the past 15 years. Wondered what craziness you have been up to. Laughing at the memories such as the one of Erik at the 105.1 tent (at kings dominion? I can't remember) and putting on someone's bikini to get on the radio. I was not there because I had parents who didn't trust you people but I was listening at home to the whole thing and saying- before I knew- that must be Erik getting in that bikini. It was. I remember riding in cars with you all- everywhere and nowhere. Passing time and dreaming big dreams. I am glad to see you all are still friends and still making me laugh. I was honored to be a part of your group for a while.

I skimmed all 32 pages of postings over the last couple of hours and saw some questions that were never answered. Bernie Crimmins is living in St. Mary's county and recently got married. My husband (Steve Cooper) bumps into him from time to time. I think he is working for the Marine Biology Lab in Solomon's. Andrea Dyson married a police officer and had a baby. She then divorced the police officer and is now back to being Andrea Dyson. Michele Dean married a county guy and has 3 kids. She lives in Ridge. Me? I married an Army Man... had a baby... divorced the Army Man... Married Steve and now live happily with six children (2 I gave birth to and 4 are his from his first marriage)in St. Inigoes. We could speak volumes on how Steve actually fathered 5 children... two after he had a vasectomy...

You are were the originals... the first "JackAss", the first reality show. Ahead of your time in so many respects. For those of us who only got a moment in your lives and now wonder what you are doing... WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING. From the Blog, I get that Roman is still into Music... Mark must be into technology. Noone talks to TR (who for the record was a nice guy... really). What about Erik who I obsessed over forever. I laugh about Jody Dobson... he was such a hunk to us freshman and remember vividly how bad the play "Pure as a Driven Snow" was. Who was the teacher that directed that? It was pre-Ms. Wiz... What a blast though. Remember MASH? What great times. Thank you Mark for keeping this site up. It took me back to a better time.


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