Ok, this one time, TR came and picked me up and told me that we were going… somewhere… he didn’t specify where. Thinking that maybe he had somewhere important to go, or even entertaining, I reluctantly got into his car. Well, it was nearing dinner time at my house, and anyone who knows my mother knows that it’s not a good thing to be late for dinner, so I hoped we’d soon be done with whatever it was he was doing.

Well, I should have known better. TR had nowhere to go… at all. We were just driving in circles, touring the county. I immediately grew tired of this exercise in futility and demanded to be taken home. I wasn’t about to risk getting grounded to go joy riding with the Goon. However, in his usual irritating fashion. he ignored me and continued driving.

Knowing I was being ignored, I opened the glove compartment in front of me, pulled out a flashlight, and casually threw it out the window. Having not been noticed, I repeated the action with a screwdriver, and then some cassette tapes. Finally this trip was becoming entertaining. It wasn’t until I had thrown out his insurance and registration papers that he noticed what I was doing. We had a big laugh and went home! …well, I laughed anyway. He mostly cursed as he backtracked looking for his stuff as he brought me back home!


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