The Otters made Reality TV before reality TV was in! I can't remember who all was there but I distinctly remember Little Guy. It was a group of us and someone had a video camera. It was a vicious cycle of video taping and then immediately viewing it in some hotel room. We would go out, videotape people, get threatened by Lexington Park rednecks and then go back to room to watch our hi-jinks. The time between videotaping and viewing grew smaller exponentially until suddenly we heard this awful whine from the TV. We were taping and viewing at the exact same time. I don't remember the incident clearly but Steve F. had to of been there. Then there is the classic Reality TV, "DrunkCam": Roman's bet that he could stay awake and lucid until midnight. A dollar bet I believe and hilarity ensued, Roman, near death, crawling to the bathroom while we snickered and video taped. I think it was narrated by a sailor named Lobster Man. Roman's mom subsequent viewing of this incredible docudrama was a high point in Reality TV history. On another note, who was I with when the car I was in broke down at the flat tops?



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