Otters – weird, wild, silly, cutting, but always fun. When I first met them, AAlgar was already AAlgar Lord of Gumba, LG was a popular senior with a car, and Mark was this cool college guy they knew. Those that had moved away had become legend. I listened intently to stories and amusing anecdotes featuring such heroes as Data, Roman the Spud, and Eric the Nose.

The first time that I met the otters I was introduced as Mel’s “Cute Friend Jenny.” The next day I was walking down the hallways of GMHS and heard “Hello, Cute-Friend-Jenny.” I turned around, a bewildered look upon my face. And there it was. I had a title.

I distinctly remember meeting Mark for the first time. It was my freshman year of high school and I was in the color guard. A football game had just let out. Mel and I were on our way to the parking lot when we ran into LG accompanied by a loveable looking Filipino carrying a mini-cassette recorder. I participated in his tribute to Twin Peaks by speaking the word, “Doughnut” into his recorder.

Ducks and bunnies, fish shoes and disco ties, psycho chicks, Rupert the pig dog, exploding milkshakes (that was very strange!), blue people named gumbans, female jousting (not sure Gloria Steinem would approve), Christmas carolers outside my window in May (so freaked my dad out!), sneaking out of my house, monty python, flowers and hugs, pulp fiction parties, singing rocky horror in the park, and so many more memories.

Thank you Otters! I had so much fun!



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