It was late night in St. Mary's and one of the Otters was leaving our hip town. Data was moving onto bigger better and stranger things. So what better way to say goodbye then finding a few bottles of booze, a hand full of cigars and getting a high rollers room at the "Super 8" on route 235, nothing but the best for one of the clan. This room had two beds, one for Mark, since he refused to move the entire night thanks to the booze, or just to get on LG’s nerves, and one for everyone else to sit on and throw things at Mark. It wasn't until the first 2 bottles of booze were gone that LG started to get on Mark's bed and start trying to screw with him. At this point the chalk points started to fly, since LG made a new drinking game...Touch Mark in his Joy Department! I have never seen Mark move with the speed and the glow, like Bruce Leroy in The Last Dragon, before in my life. Yet, the odd thing was that Mark never left his spot on the bed. Defending himself against LG’s advances, Data finished the last bottle of booze and I left with some people to get more. My memory of the trip across RT. 235 to the 7-11 is very distorted other then we almost got hit by the passing cars and tried to walk the parking lines to test how drunk we were but failed. Once we made our way back to the room I noticed that Mark now had a few women sitting on his bed and Jason decided that his pants were so baggy that we could all fit the items in the room into his pants. He was right we placed telephone books, lamps, empty bottles, the video camera, beer cans, ice holders, cups, pillows and a chair. Many hours later the booze was wearing off, almost everyone was gone and the sun was rising. Slowly we gathered our things and left to continue with the day.


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