I don't think this story has been told. I did a search on the word Leo and luckily, it was only mentioned once...by me. So here it goes.

I can't remember all who were there - Roman (what possessed you to put that giant Cicada on your back anyway?), Mark, Leo... possibly my girlfriend Stacy...Matt (the tall Matt, not Amy's Matt)...anyway, there was this kid who wanted to start some sort of secret society based loosely on fraternities.

I only remember bits and pieces, so pardon me if my story is broken and senseless... I remember we arrived early. Leo and I decided to go skinny dipping, in our underwear in the beautiful Patuxent river. Perhaps I remember this event because of the lasting damage it has done to me...I don't know. Anyway, we were waddling about in the muck, swimming out under the stars, when Leo noticed a bunch of glow in the dark sea life floating around us. "Look, glowing fish," Leo bellowed. He proceeded to try and catch one of these cute things that were literally, EVERYWHERE. He finally did scoop a handlefull up, screaming, "Jellyfish!!!!!!!!!!!!" as he flung the glowing jellyfish off his hand onto my face. We floundered, screaming onto shore which must of been a terrible sight... for that, I apologize.

I remember that we had to eat dirty wieners as part of our initiation....I know what your thinking...no, Leo didn't eat all the hot dogs. We all got our fair share.

I'm not sure if this was the same night but I remember Matt trying to ride the back of a truck through the dirt road that went to the beach. I remember seeing him, hitting a bump, and then seeing his body fly through the darkness. He broke his colar bone if I remember right.

The society didn't last more than the initial night of initiation. My guess is that the cops probably broke up our little bon fire since we were not residents of that particular housing community.

This story for some reason brought up other memories. Do you remember Sea Life? I wonder what he is doing now? I picture him riding the back of a killer whale at some amusement park.

Then there were the Cicadas. They had invaded Washington D.C. We didn't see them but we knew all about them from Don and Mike. We wrote a song to submit to Don and Mike. It went like this.

(To the tune of TomAto, tomato)
CicAda. Cicada.
Let's eat them,
why nota
lets eat a plate full of bugs.

They are black on the outside
white and the inside
kinda cruncy
kinda neat
kinda funky
kinda sweet
let's all eat a plate full of buuuuuuuuuuuuuugs!

Ok, one more RANT and then I'm heading to Madam Wong's in Chinatown:

All these son of pregnant doges that are doing Flash Mobs - MARK DARIN invented that!!!!!!Do you remember Fish Week. THAT IS COPYRIGHTED by MARK DARIN!!! remember when we all decided to try and sleep with Mark to freak him out! We didn't call it a Flash Mob but that's what it was!!!!!!!!

rant finshed.


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