It is moments like this when you fully realize that your entire life has been based on the many ways "The Shatner" picked up aliens chicks, long nights trying to make angry ticks fly out of my third nipple as a defense mechanism, and maybe...just maybe that day drinking Grog (a wonderful drink made from stuff in Mark's frig) did more harm then good. Yet, there is one thing that has always stayed constant and has touched everything I have ever done...the Otters. From the early days of GAS to the late night documentary of Incognito outside of the Dash IN where we were trying to see if inhaling Potpourri Spray actually had any effect to Dom's brain. Add ons: "The horrible truth about the cows" If memory serves, LG was also the victim of the Cow’s smaller and far deadlier army of Ticks that night. Questions I need answered: Where is the Secada? Mark, do you still have a copy of Captain Ineptitude? Mine has fade into oblivion. Data, do you still have the Zucchini? Replies: Erik, I never knew you went for a midnight rendezvous with Leo…big chalk it up my friend. Much like Peter Parker and Venom, it seams impossible to escape the power of the rainbow suit. Thanks for the memories. If anyone is ever in Venice, California…write, drop by, share a pint sometime or fry some eggs, turn on Indian Jones 3, face the Western Sky and smile.


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