Great Mills had this great Valentine’s Day tradition of allowing students to buy big red heart balloons for their friends and lovers. The balloons were then delivered in class. It was great not having a girlfriend and being made feel like the biggest looser as what seemed like everyone in the class being given balloons.

To my surprise, the balloon delivery student veered towards me. I was popular!! Someone was thinking of me! Somebody loves me! I am somebody!

I took the balloons with glee and opened the card.

“Happy Valentines Day…Love, Satan.”

Speaking of Vic, let me give a shout out to the man who made my Valentines Day and say that he now has one very cool job. First guy on the board to be somewhat famous, even in a somewhat anonymous way.

Does anyone remember John the Republican. He actually moved up to Maine with me and we were on the Speech and Debate club together.


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