During our later years in Lexington Park we played a lot of board games. Let's face it, there just wasn't that much to do aside from drink, play music, and have sex. Sometimes all of these with only Mark present. But I digress. We played all night Risk matches, Data's "Drunken Irish Hoard" against my "Evil Black Empire". Rooms thick with cigar smoke and the tension of world domination. These were tough matches to be sure, but nothing matched Pictionary.

Erik introduced on the "make your own card" cards a series of Mark Cards. These varied from Mark's anatomy to acts which Mark might perform. It was always a real treat when Mark pulled a Mark card. "Okay, I'm touching myself. My retina. I'm shaving a goat." These were good times. Erik and I would occasionally cheat. Instead of drawing the picture, one of us would just write whatever the clue was. Our win percent was pretty good though.

Now, as most folks know, I would drink just a bit during these matches. As the games progressed so did my drinking. My poor partners would have to deal with not only my inability to coherently speak and guess clues, but would be the brunt of a line of insults that would make a prison inmate uncomfortable when they failed to guess what my series of unconnected lines was supposed to be. One night Data had had enough. Carrie and Mark were a team and Data and I were their opponents. I believe the item which I was drawing for Data was boiling water, but I'm not sure. Data didn't get the clue. I'm not sure what came out of my mouth, but the next thing I know Data flies across the table like Eliot Ness and proceeds to strangle me.

I was pretty sure that wasn't in the rules, but I had it coming. I'm not positive, but I think the "International Symbol for Mark" has made it into the Pictionary Expansion Set.



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