As written in 1988. You old guys might remember this. It gave us our name.

Four Spoonfulls of Goo.

The world's a might big place. Hard to see the whole thing form one spot. To confront this problem my friends and I decided to go to Paraguay, but this story has nothing to do with that. This is a tale of high adventure in a time not so far from our own, tomorrow possibly, oh, I just don't know. Anyway, this tale begins in a small, scarcely populated area known as Southern Maryland. In this place there was a group of friends. Well, not friends exactly, but these guys hung around one another, sort of like otters.

Maine is cold this time of year, very cold. In fact, Maine is always cold enough to freeze spit. In this arctic waste lived a nose. Not a runny, nasty, wet nose, but a dry, clean, tidy nose. An Erik nose, and Erik means otters. Which is how the story comes together. You see, our group of otters is trying desperately to get to the nose, who was once a happy member of their otter clan.

"Extinguish me!" There was a cry in the Midwest, but no one cared.

The store owner was a big guy. About 300 pounds to be exact. Outside the store there was much chattering. Suddenly, inside the store there was much chattering. The group of friends had, oblivious to themselves, wandered into the store.

"You guys look like otters," commented the store owner. Then they left.


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