I consider Fish Week to be one of the first major milestones in Otter history. Where the idea for Fish Week originated, I cannot be entirely sure. I assume that it was born of pure boredom and weirdness. The premise was simply this: "Its Fish Week! Bring in all of your dead fish!" I think it was originally conceived as a parody of High School spirit week stunts. I had Xeroxed a handful of flyers and posted them in the places you might expect to find student announcements. The idea was that students would see this posting and some would be amused at the parody while others (the type with no sense of humor) would just sneer and not "get" the whole thing. I never expected that anyone would actually bring dead fish to school.

The following morning, as I exited the bus and made my way into the halls of Great Mills High, the first thing I noticed was Roman. He was running. And screaming. And holding a 3 foot blue fish as far from his body as possible. I knew then that the unthinkable had happened. They had brought fish. Lots of fish. Students from every class level were regularly bringing us fish of all sizes and smells! At lunch, we were treated to an assortment of goldfish, some frozen in icecube trays, others were alive in plastic bags.(Which for some odd reason, people started swallowing live!)

The reason I consider this event such a milestone is that these contributors were not just other Otters and close friends, these were students, many of who we'd never met, representing several different social groups! Members of Student Government, Geeks, Jocks, Loners, Stoners...it was quite an eclectic unification over quite a silly cause! This is the first time I realized exactly how much influence we had! After that, going out on a limb in the name of strangeness became much easier and led to many more outrageous stunts that became synonymous the word "Otter." Without Fish Week, I never could have achieved "I Bet That'd Feel Good In My Pants Week!"


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