I was small boy of 8 years... or maybe 12… or, more likely, neither of those. I find it difficult to believe that, despite what ALL of my memories tell me, everything that ever happened to me in my youth occurred while I was either 8 or 12.

I was young. Roman was in my house. He was engaged in an intense combat simulation on the Commodore 64, known as Stellar 7. As I remember, Stellar 7 was an impressive 3 dimensional space tank battle simulator. I see now, however, that it was nothing more than a handful of unfilled polygons and lines, some of which loosely resembled a vehicle or a cube.

Regardless, Roman was clearly the captain of his unfilled polygon. I was at first just a spectator, watching in awe as Roman piloted through the complex obstacle course of cubes and lines. I realized soon that I had become part of Romans crew. Roman had assigned me the role of Wesley. I can only assume I was given this almost insulting role because of my youth. Although, as far back as I can remember, he has always insisted that I was in my 40s, 50s, and occasionally about 80. I was eventually informed that Wesley's primary task was to fetch the captain beverages. Next Generation was fairly new and I hadn't watched much of it at the time. Roman always seemed to know a great deal about what he was talking about, so I didn't feel I had any grounds to argue.

I knew my role wasn't the most admirable or respectable, but the important thing was that I was, for the first time, in Roman's crew. And boy did that suck.


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