I was so bummed when Data's family moved him far away from me! Remember all those late night, 3-hour phone calls after you moved, because we were both so depressed? I remember hanging out at Carolyn Sullivan's house, around Thanksgiving time, about a year after you'd moved maybe? Suddenly...A phone call from Data! You had tracked me down after calling my parents' house and said that you were "just calling to say hello."

We were having a wonderful time catching up and suddenly you had to go. I was sad to hang up, thinking that I wished we had more time to chat. So Carolyn, Susan and I were sitting around watching tv when there was a knock on the door. Expecting to walk out and see maybe Erin Wiley or Michael Bonds, we almost fell on the floor (I think I actually DID fall down from shock, actually!) to open the door and see Mark and LG standing there WITH DATA!

A sneaky phone call to make sure we weren't going anywhere and then a SURPRISE visit...it was all too much for me! I know, it's not much of an Otter memory for anyone else, but it's a night I'll never forget! And it still reigns at the top of the "Biggest Surprises Ever Pulled On Amy" list!


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