Data has been a coffee drinking man for as long as I have known him. It became part of his character. As a freshman in high school he could often be found hanging out by the teacher's lounge chatting and sharing their morning brew. It wasn't until one fateful trip to New York, however, that Data discovered what it truly meant to be caffeinated.

LG, Matt Boswell, Data and myself wandered into one of the many coffee shops in New York city. I don't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure we all had flavored lattes of some sort, except Data. He wanted to see what this thing called Espresso was. When we were served, Data grimaced at his tiny thimble sized cup while we blew the steam from our tall mugs. Raising the cup to his nose, he took a quick sniff and smiled as the aroma hit the back of his nose. He then took a sip and his eyes almost fell from his head! I actually think the shock of the strength of the beverage is the only thing that prevented him from orgasm. He drank the rest down like a shot and ordered a few more.

A few espresso slams later, Data excused himself from our company, presumably to use the bathroom. When he didn't return after a few minutes Matt asked "Where is Data". I turned my head and had my answer. Through the cafe window, I saw Data... outside on the streets of New York... literally running laps around the building!


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