Very early in our high school careers, after me and Data had been pulled together by fate and Ms. Wizneski's class, I had developed an respect for his confident-yet-casual look. He always wore a signature ensemble: jeans and a white t-shirt with some kind of random logo or design. This may not sound like runway fashion, but to my eyes, he had cultivated a real niche that worked for him...he wore it well. This was particularly appealing to me because I had been struggling with morals in fashion since 6th grade.

I remember one experience when i was having my outfit railed on by a tiny fashionista named heather. She was doing a 'read' on my classic box-flannel shirt and brown cords (both only worn by lumberjacks, which at the time, were not considered 'hip' by middle school standards). I looked at her, in her incredibly wrinklned pink shirt (it looked like it had been crumpled into a little ball), and said 'who are you to talk, look at that shirt, its not even ironed!'. She rolled her eyes and screamed 'It's CRINKLE CLOTH you idiot!', then dug her little fingernails into my arm until i bled.

From then on in, i had a dillemma...i didnt want to look like an idiot, but i sure as hell didnt want to wear friggin 'crinkle cloth' like some consumer zombie. Eventually, I opted to look like an idiot. This is why I saw Data's simple style as a strong, bold, individualistic choice. So, one day I managed to cobble together an ensemble of my own- jeans, and a white t-shirt with logo...I went to school and said 'Look! Im Data!' Every time i said it, Data gave me a look i didnt quite understand. Anyway, the next day Data came in with a pinstripe suit on, a black trenchcoat and a fedora. He's been wearing them ever since. Even the teachers felt underdressed. Me, I went back to looking like an idiot.



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