Let see.... it was Halloween, 1987. This was the night of MutantFest, a freak party held by Meredith. It promised to host a variety of mopey goth teens dressed in black, pretending to be vampires, listening to DepeshMode and taking themselves very seriously.

To me this was pure comedy and as such I began production on the 88.3 Comedy Tape: "Mutant Fest 87". Production began in TR's house. He had left the door unlocked and allowed me to use his stereo equipment to record the intro segment for the tape. He, I believe, had gone over to Roman's place to get ready for the evenings festivities, so I was alone in the house.

Before going upstairs, I tossed a bag of popcorn into the microwave and set it for 5 minutes, at least I thought I had. In fact, I had actually hit an extra zero before heading up to TR's room allowing the popcorn to cook for 50 minutes, but I wouldn't discover this for some time. Upstairs, I set up the recoding equipment and started picking out horror sound effects records to use. Organ music and sounds of Satan seemed to suffice. I found a strobe light in his room so I turned it on, just for the trippyness of it. To me everything seemed pretty normal, but to TR who had just pulled up outside to pick me up, things appeared quite different.

Stepping from his car, this is what TR saw: Lights were flashing inside his house accompanied by screams of terror! Organ music blasted, smoke was pouring out through his front door and an amplified voice was repeatedly shouting "May the powers of Christ compel you!!"


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