The first time I met Mark and Roman was during the play Grease. I was only in the 8th grade back then. Joey had asked my mom to do the hair and make-up for the play. Well, I went to all 3 shows, but, LOVED the last night. I went into the chorus room and met Mark and Roman.

I hung out with Joey cus, well, he was the only one I really knew. I thought Mark looked really good. I started getting a little crush on him that night. After the show, the cast went out and Mom and I went with everyone. I had a ball! Everyone danced and sang til we were sore.

I knew then that I was going into drama my Freshmen year. I couldn't join drama that year, but, joined the following year. We were doing Anything Goes. And yet again, the last night of the play, I see Mark again!

I had a rose that was given to me by Ms. Wiz. I ran up to Mark and asked him to marry me and to my surprise, he said yes! I almost died! I went with Mark and Jason to the cast party after. We went out for awhile, and it was some of the best times I ever had!! Thanks Mark!



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