What's is up! I just got to this site from Mark Wiehl, who I talked to last week. It was cool hearing some of the Plastic Toys stuff from the St. Marys days. I've been up in Jersey City-NJ across from New York City, doing H20 since 1994-95 with Toby, Todd Morse and Rusty Pistachio (all from St. Marys) I also remember LINDA!! from my brief GAS days!! (Funny stuff!) I have a TR story: 1 night I had a small party at my parents. I walk into my bedroom, and TR is pissing all over my bedroom floor!! I wanted to kill him!! KILL HIM! I don't really think I've seen him since! Was he really the Plastic Toys manager, as he claimed to be?? Anyways, I hope you all are well, and I hope to hear from someone soon!


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